Top Best Ultralight Spinning Rods Reviewed 2024

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Best UltraLight Spinning Rods

Angling is an interesting activity but for maximum catch, efficient performance and easy retrieves one need to use the right gears and equipment. The ultra-light spinning rods are great for both seasoned and amateur fishermen as they provide accurate casting and helps in longer line. The rods are great as they are flexible, light in weight and extremely easy to operate. However, if you are looking for best ultralight spinning rods, it is a daunting task and making the right choice is difficult.

So, we are here to help you with information and help you choose the right spinning rod. The comprehensive guide lists four best spinning rods with reviews and pros & cons to help you buy the right product. Considering quality, price and performance, all the four spinning rods listed proved to be exceptionally good.

What should be in Mind When Chososing Best Ultralight Spinning Rods

Best Ultralight Spinning Rods

Before buying best ultralight spinning rods, it is important to consider certain features as it is integral to quality and performance. Here are some of the tips on how to buy the fishing rods that is superior and long lasting.

  • Construction Material

    The most important thing to consider while purchasing the spinning rod is its material. Mostly the fishing rod is constructed of graphite, fiberglass or blend of both. It is better to purchase a rod made of graphite as it makes it lightweight and sensitive.

  • Flexibility

    The more the rod is flexible, the lesser it is prone to breakage. Depending on the construction material, the flexibility of the rod differs. The ones made from graphite are least flexible whereas ones made from fiberglass and composite material are more flexible.

  • Price

    When purchasing ultra-light spinning rods, the budget should not be ignored. The price and construction materials determine the varying costs of the rods. Decide the budget and make purchase, but take care that it does not compromise with the quality.

  • Grip

    It is important to ensure that the grip is firm and strong which is why the most preferred material is EVA foam. The cork handle reduces the overall weight and ensures stable casting and retrieval.

  • Cast

    The performance of spinning rod largely depends on the casting accuracy. The cast must be done right, and the rod should be easy to retrieve. The operation and technology largely affect the cast.

  • Power

    You should select the spinning rods of various levels of power depending on the type of fish you want to catch. The ultra-light spinning rods are great for use with smaller lures and effective in casting in confined spaces. It is not very effective when it comes to casting from shore or boat, mostly good for catching small fishes.

Top 4 Best Ultralight Spinning Rods Reviews On The Market

Okuma SST Ultra-Light Trout Spinning Rods

Okuma SST Ultra-Light Trout Spinning Rods

The SST ultra-light trout spinning rod from Okuma gives best performance and experience while fishing in cold water. It is designed perfectly for catching wide range of fishes and is extremely durable in its construction. The rod is made from superior IM-8 graphite that gives a strong foundation and strength is added with steel frame guides made of stainless steel along with braid ready Zirconium inserts. It is a popular choice among anglers for its strong grip, custom reel seats and has metallic copper finish.


  • Strong, durable and reliable made from IM-8 graphite black construction.
  • Includes Zirconium inserts that reduce friction.
  • High end and strong grip both on fore and rear side.
  • SST rods give elevated performance, making it suitable for use by all types of anglers.
  • Suitable for catching wide range of fishes like salmon, steelhead, trout, kokanee, halibut etc.
  • One year of manufacturing warranty on the rods.


  • Solid feel to the rod is missing as it is more on flexible side.
  • Snaps off at times due to heavier catch on the rod.

Fiblink Graphite Ultralight Spinning Rod

Fiblink Graphite Ultralight Spinning Rod

The ultra-light spinning rod is an excellent choice as it is sturdy, strong and easily portable. With length of 7-feet, it is easily portable and is made of high strength graphite black with fiber layering pattern to reduce weight and enhance sensitivity. The construction is strong with superior grade EVA split grips.

It consists of 9+1 stainless steel guides along with ceramic inserts to reduce tension and ensure longer line towards more effective casts. The ceramic inserts also help in reducing line twist while using the rod for spinning. The rod includes multipurpose hook keeper.


  • Made of high-grade graphite black with fiber layering to reduce weight.
  • Integrated with lightweight stainless steel guides along with ceramic inserts that ensure efficient flow direction.
  • Super light, sensitive and medium action two-piece construction for ease of portability.
  • Consists of exposed blank reel seats with stainless steel hoods.
  • EVA split grip of premium grade and has multipurpose hook keeper.


  • Rod tip is prone to damage on being hit by large fishes.
  • Great length, supporting longer casting but fails at times to provide fast action.

Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Micro Ultralight Spinning Rod

The micro spinning rod is strong and powerful which is used by a large number of angling professionals. It is constructed using superior graphite composite which ensures the overall weight to become light. The spinning rod is available in various sizes ranging from 4.6 to 7.6 inches. The rod is integrated with stainless guides along with inserts made of stainless steel giving it corrosion free properties.

The rod enables user to cast in confined areas. The reel seat comes with cushioned hood and with lightweight cork. Hence, it is comfortable to hold.


  • Made of strong and superior graphite composite rods making the overall rod ultra-light.
  • Inclusive of full cork handles and firm grip.
  • Guides made of stainless steel along with stainless steel inserts.
  • Great retrieval along with smooth cast.
  • Has conventional reel seat along with cushioned hoods for great comfort while usage.
  • Strong rod which is rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Perfect for accurate casting and fishing with lighter lures.


  • Slightly fragile and has tendency to snap on application of more pressure.
  • Not suitable for all types of fishes, hence, limited compatibility of the catch.

Berkley Trout Dough Series Spinning Rods

Berkley Trout Dough Series Ultralight Spinning Rod

The trout dough spinning rod from Berkley is strong in its construction as it is made from superior quality material. It is engineered with advanced technology and is used by anglers across the world to maximize their catch. It is extremely lightweight, powerful and gives moderate action for better fishing. The fishing rod includes around nine guides.

Using uni-directional fiberglass technology, the rod is designed to spin and catch larger fish, requiring more power. With the split handle design grip, the construction reduces overall weight.


  • Designed using advanced uni-directional fiberglass technology that adds to the overall power.
  • Durable, sensitive and extremely lightweight, with lure weight around 1/31 – 1/4 ounces and line weight of 1 – 6 pound.
  • Includes nine stainless steel guides along with stainless steel inserts.
  • Designed to give moderate action with accurate casting.
  • Cork split grip construction of handle for firmer and comfortable grip.
  • Longer and farther cast of dough to reduce losing of bait.


  • Not efficient for trout and bass at times due to its flexibility of motion.
  • Fragile and might break on application of a little extra pressure.


The spinning rods are very usually gears for anglers as they are easy to use and operate. The ultra-light variety of spinning rods is great as they are portable and extremely light in weight for fishing all day long. The rods are flexible, strong and sturdy, and boast of casting accuracy. The retrieval capacity of the fishing rods is also great.

This kind of spinning rods is perfect for casting in confined spaces and great when it comes to catching smaller fishes. The ultra-light spinning rod works perfectly and accurately with small lures. It is difficult generally to find the best ultralight spinning rods amongst a wide range of options in the market. There are many things one must consider before investing on a spinning rod and only an expert can judge the quality of the rod.

The guide above has four top spinning rods which are reviewed by experts and accordingly the pros and cons of each were determined. This guide is to help you make the right selection so that you get the best performance while catching fishes.

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