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Best Telescopic fishing rods

Fishing just has to be one of the most pleasant and laid-back sports in existence. Well, at least if you are not really into fishing. If you have even the slightest itch for the whole thing, you won’t be satisfied with anything less than the biggest catch. And the biggest catch requires the best telescopic fishing rods. Here’s how to find one.

What are Things You Should Know Before Buying Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

Telescopic fishing rods

But before we proceed to this very topic, let us first get the thing you are wondering right now off the table. Why would you buy a best telescopic fishing rod in the first place? Traditional one-piece units were always better regarded amongst the experienced anglers, right?

Not so much. While it’s true that traditional rods offer a lot of consistency and a very solid performance, telescopic rods improved a great deal over the last couple of years and became very popular even amongst the pickiest fishermen out there. Their extraordinary portability even gives them a slight edge. But, as always, with the increased complexity, comes harder choosing process and more things you should focus your attention to.

Here are the most important.

Your Preferable Fishing Technique

Fishing techniques are quite numerous. However, the three most common ones are:​

  • Casting-surf fishing – This technique requires a lot of length. Because of that, you need somewhat thicker rod (five to seven parts would be ideal). The ideal casting weight should be anywhere between 100 and 400 grams.
  • Spinning-fly-fishing – A technique that definitely requires five or six parts. Also, the action weight should not above 5-30 grams.
  • Match fishing – In this particular situation, the ideal length of the rod should be 3-16 feet with the match weight with no more than 4-20 grams. Furthermore, because you are using fishing floats, the rod should consist of 10 thin sections.


Ideally, the Best telescopic Fishing rods should be made out of reinforced glass. Tough glass allows you extreme portability, without ever compromising the rod’s durability. The other options you should be looking for are fiberglass and carbon. When reinforced with stainless steel they are virtually indestructible. 


A very important factor, you should seriously take into consideration. Essentially, power is the amount of pressure you need to apply to make the rod bend. What this property translates to in the real-life scenario is the size of the fish the rod will be able to handle successfully. In regards to their power, telescopic fishing rods can be divided into three groups: light, medium or heavy power.

Rapidness (Action)

What this property essentially describes is how much your rod will be able to bend when you put the pressure on its tip. The rapidness (action) may be slow, medium or fast, but it’s not that uncommon to see various subdivisions and hybrids like, for instance, medium-fast. Why is this important? Well, generally speaking, medium and fast rods usually provide more casting distance without compromising hooksetting power.


The telescopic rods have two lengths – the one when the rod is collapsed, and the one when you’re using it for fishing. The first length is important only in terms of portability. If you are short on space, the smaller collapsed rod would certainly be a good option. But, don’t let this minor issue guide your buying decision. Longer rods will allow you to cover greater distance when casting and drastically improve the results when surf-fishing. If you have to, always choose the longer rod that is less portable.


As you can probably guess, lightweight rods are much easier to wield and carry around. But, don’t allow the rod’s weight to influence its overall durability. For, instance, if you intend to catch bigger fish, you may need a more durable, and consequentially heavier alternative that will be able to handle such a big and stubborn catch. If you can, try to find the well-balanced unit that will offer the best of both worlds.


One would assume that the more expensive rod simply translates into the high-quality cork. However, that’s not the case, and this is one of the most obvious victims manufacturers like to cut corners to in order to achieve a competitive market price. So, beware and don’t take the quality cork for granted. What you should be looking for is a lightweight unit with sufficient grip able to transmit the delicate vibrations of bass picking the worm.

Top 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods Reviews On The Market

Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews.

PLUSINNO Spinning Rod and Reel Combos FULL KIT

PLUSINNO Spinning Rod and Reel Combos FULL KIT

Unlike the previous product, this package is obviously meant for the first-time users who have just started building their fishing collection. PLUSINNO Spinning Rod and Reel Combo has everything a fishing newbie needs for a first-class fishing experience.

So, what we get here? One fishing rod, one fishing reel, one fishing line, six fishing lures, six fishing hooks, four sinkers, and one pretty sweet fishing bag. All of the included elements are good-looking, durable, and well-built with high quality material. The materials used for the build are top-notch and include the usual suspects like sensitive graphite (telescopic pole), high-density carbon fiber and stainless steel. Even the line is 100% fluorine which is great.

As for the performance, a thick coiled bail spring, moderate rod action, S-curve oscillation system and admirable power make sure that the rod can be used by anyone both left and right-handed. If we have to point out some of the problems that would be that, after the extended use, the bottom part tends to get loose and PLUSINNO once again managed to ruin their product with needlessly sharp edges.

However, the biggest problem of this package is its price. Don’t get us wrong, the kit offers a lot of value for the money, but the price tag may discourage a lot of first-time buyers and completely put off experienced fishers who already own some of the included equipment.


  • Buy the kit, and you can immediately proceed to the nearest lake.
  • The quality of all the included products is very good.
  • A very all-inclusive product.


  • The price you are asked to pay may discourage a lot of buyers.
  • The package could greatly benefit from the inclusion of a rod holder.
  • Small, but noticeable build issues.

2. PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Retractable Fishing Pole Rods

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Retractable Fishing Pole Rods

PLUSINNO is a brand with long tradition and a very good reputation amongst the experienced anglers. Both these things are a product of one simple fact. PLUSINNO has a great understanding of their customers’ needs. Their products are streamlined and devoid of gimmicky features that would unnecessarily bump the price. This rod is no exception.

Let’s start with the choice of the used materials – it’s great. The rod is made out of lightweight, but extremely durable carbon fiber combined with fiberglass. The hooded reel seats are quality stainless-steel resistant to corrosion while the blank features a well-thought out graphite construction which offers a great deal of sensitivity.

What this whole package amounts to is a rock-solid, jiggle-free saltwater performance. The pole is very delicate and has no problem transmitting even the slightest nibbles on the bait. The action is quite good and the unit is easily bending over the last half of the pole.

However, not everything about the product is just as peachy. For instance, the edges near the handle are very sharp so they may feel very uncomfortable during the prolonged use. Also, some users have experienced problems with extending and retracting the pole, so the craftsmanship could definitely be better.


  • The choice of materials is excellent.
  • Very solid, wiggle-free performance.
  • A lot of value for the money.


  • Craftsmanship is not that great.
  • The reel seat sometimes feels too big.

3. Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

Sougayilang Spinning Telescopic Fishing Rod

Saying that the telescopic rod market is saturated would be a very polite way to describe the entire affair. With the things as they are, Sougayilang pulled off a very smart move and decided to reach out to their potential audience in the most obvious manner possible. They made a rod with the look that kills. And truly, painted with the black color and graced with the sleek design this rod immediately scores a few important points in the visual department. But, what about the rest?

Fortunately, this time, the first impression isn’t deceiving. The body of the rod is made out of stainless steel which makes you able to use it both in fresh and saltwater. The rest of the goods include the ceramic guide rings, the aluminum spool, the CNC cut metal handles with very firm grip, and the inclusion of lightweight, high density 24 tons fiber.

Pack that with the reasonably powerful gear ratio, the S-curve system that allows effortless but powerful casting, and the drawing locks mechanism that ensures smooth drawing, and you’ll get one of the most complete and well-balanced entries on the list.

Of course, not everything is ideal. For instance, the fastening strap looks like it will break after prolonged use (during the testing that didn’t happen, though). Also, the guides sometimes tend to get loose, and the reel leaves a somewhat lackluster impression.


  • A very good-looking product.
  • Great performance for the price.
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing.


  • Only as long as your catch is of reasonable size.
  • Although they look good, the guide rings could be better.
  • A couple of minor build issues.

4. Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

Now here’s another product that understands the merciless competition just as much as the previous one. Sougayilang’s entry addressed this issue with sleek black design that played up the eye-candy factor. Eagle Claw’s spinning rod aims for the convenience. With the very compact design (when collapsed the rod is long only 17 inches) and cute yellow color splashed all over its body this rod screams casual and thus reaches out to casual buyers who consider fishing a pleasant distraction.

The generous storing space doesn’t come at the expense of quality, though. On the contrary, this unit packs a lot of value in its small package. For a start, the rod’s body is constructed out of durable glass blank material which means it will be able to survive years of abuse both in a car trunk and out on the lake. The medium action tip ensures a very care-free performance.

The rest of the rod is not that bad either. The ceramic guides allow the line to be firmly placed on the shaft without ever coming into contact with the rod. Also, the rod is outfitted with graphite which produces very precise and effortless casting. All these small advantages come together to produce a very neat and capable product that, unfortunately, never rises from the casual fisherman’s favorite toy niche it’s so strongly rooted in.


  • A very neat and affordable package.
  • The unit feels like it will survive many years to come.
  • Solid performance and very appealing design.


  • The more demanding fisherman may find the package lackluster.
  • The rod is not suitable for the big bass fishing.
  • Fishing newbies may find the performance stiff until they get used to it.

5. Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod

Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod

And finally, we have a product that offers very little surprise except for the surprisingly solid performance. What do we mean by that? Well, design-wise, the rod is exactly what you would expect from this price point. Streamlined and functional but horribly uninspiring.

The choice of the used materials follows the same pattern. Everything we’ve came to expect is here – 6-section fiberglass rod blank, graphite reel seat upgraded with cushioned hoods, EVA handle, and of course, ceramic guides. All these individual parts are well-made and put together competently, but with the lackluster design, we would like to see some interesting addition that would break the mold in this department.
So, why is this rod so well-regarded? Well, as we mentioned above, the performance is rock-solid. For a start, there is a lot of handle to hang on to. This may increase the overall weight of the rod, but all this holding real-estate provides incredibly satisfying feeling while casting and pulling out. You can feel the tiniest bites with the sensitive rod, and fortunately, its sensitivity doesn’t compromise its durability. You won’t have any problem tackling even the stubborn 9lbs bass.


  • A very solid performance for the money.
  • Durable build.
  • Spacious and comfortable handle.


  • The rod does very little to draw attention to itself.
  • The guides are well-built, but they sometimes tend to get loose.
  • The unit we tested jammed on a couple of occasions.


And now, it’s time for a roundup and finding the winner of this small competition is very hard. After all, all of these rods are well-made and have no glaring issues. Because of that we’ll simply go for the one with the broadest possible appeal and the best value for the money. And that would be the first product we reviewed – PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod Retractable Fishing Pole. The other rods may excel in one area or another, but if you simply want a good telescopic rod for all occasions you’ll hardly find a better unit than this one. At least at this price point.

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