Top Best Spinning Rods Reviewed 2024 A Comprehensive Guide

Riley Peterson

Best Spinning Rods Reviews

Going out for some vacation? Is fishing on your agenda? Then this might be a very helpful article for you. Fishing is one of those adventure sports where there is luxury, pleasure as well as adventure all taken together. So if you are falling short of a spinning rod or need a new one for the next trip you are planning with your family and friends, go through the best spinning rods available in the market at present and make the most suitable purchase for spinning rods.

How To Choose Best Spinning Rods

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

There are some things that you need to know, understand and keep in mind while choosing a spinning rod.

  • Ideal Length: 

The length of every fishing rod is very standard and one must make sure that it is up to the standard limits before buying. Otherwise, while you are fishing it might give you a real tough time balancing the rod in the first place.

  • Handle:

It might not seem so important to you initial but believe us, the handle of a spinning rod should be one of your major concerns so far. There are generally 2 materials available for the handle of a spinning rod, one is cork and another is EVA foam. The handle has to be made such that it can detect even the slightest weight on the rod due to a bite. It must also have a proper leverage and be easy for the user to hold with the utmost ease.

  • Real seat:

The real seat also must be appropriate and in accordance with the spinning rod. It should be firm yet smooth so that when it pulls the weight up. The thread should pass through the reel seat without the slightest effort and make it an enjoyable experience for the user.

  • Line Guides:

Line guides need to be present on the spinning rod. This line guide helps in the proper accuracy and the alignment of the rod while in work. The recoiling ability and everything come under this section.

Other Things To Consider for Best Spinning Rods

  • Power: Power of the spinning rod is important. You need to judge as to how heavy or how light you want your spinning rod to be and decide accordingly. The power of the rod is supposed to decide as to how good you can perform at fishing and what kind of fishes you get hold of.
  • Action: This term is basically related to the performance, which comes as a cumulative of your skill as well as the power and the capacity of the spinning rod you are using. Like this will also depend on the quick movement of the rod and things like that for the optimized performance of the spinning rod.
  • Blank Material: The blank material that is the rest of the filling for the spinning rod other than the general operative parts should be made such that it does not hinder the performance of the rod or the ease of its use. This material should also be durable so that the rod lasts long. Generally, graphite is chosen for the purpose and it has be reported to serve pretty well till date.

Taking Care Of Your best Spinning Rods

The spinning rods need the best possible care to last long. Some of the tips to take proper care of your spinning rods are:

  • For cleaning the handle and the reel mounting hardware makes use of a soft white cloth and some alcohol as a solvent. This is to ensure that any sticky material from your last fishing trip is removed and the rod does to stick to your hand. If you have hand sweating issues, it is even more recommended that you keep a cloth always with you to wipe off the sweat from your spinning rod handle as soon as you are done using it every time.
  • Never thread the rod by holding the tip of the stick, this might damage the item.
  • Use fresh water to rinse the rod each time you go fishing, especially when you go fishing in some salt water lake.
  • Shake off the excess water from the rod before storing it.
  • Store the rod is a cool and dry place.
  • If your rod is made of two parts then make sure you handle both the parts equally well and do not remove the parts forcefully with the help of any kinds of tools at any point of time.
  • Wipe the reel seat daily to remove any kinds of dust or dirt from accumulating on it.
  • Never bend the rod too much otherwise it might just break.

Best Spinning Rods Reviews Available in the Market


Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 spinning rod has become very popular over time. It has features such as 6-15lb test which is suitable because it helps to catch the biggest and heaviest fishes that can be caught be one such stick and it can be done very conveniently. This medium-power spinning rod is 5’6’’ and thus it can go in pretty deep into the water to lure the fishes for the bait.

Easy to use with either of the hands- right or left. The strong construction makes it highly durable and efficient. The spinning rod is sleek and it portrays a black matte finish with red and silver highlights which gives it a classy touch. Overall, this traditional fishing rod is very dependable and durable for the purpose.


  • Has a diamond wind just above the grip, giving it a great appearance.
  • The combination of fiberglass and graphite makes it powerful yet sensitive.
  • One can use this rod with both left as well as the right hand with equal ease.
  • Suitable for catching the biggest and heaviest fishes due to its 6-15lb test feature.


  • The traditional single piece construction does not provide the different newer approaches for fishing and lacks the updated skills for the sport.

Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spinning Rod

Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod

This spinning rod is known for its multiple actions. It can catch more types and kinds of fishes than any other. Almost all Shimano products are made for versatile use. This is also 5’6’’ in length and is suitable for deep fishing activities. It is crafted out of durable material and can be used for fishing both in salt and fresh waters.

The multi-purpose hook will come in handy. Let us look into the pros and cons of this fishing rod.


  • Both the fore-grip as well as the rear grip material is made of P-Cork which is very durable.
  • Unlike many other rods, this can be used for the purpose of fishing in both salt and fresh water.
  • A multi-purpose hook keeper comes along with the rod.
  • Very sensitive.
  • Ultra-light weight and hence, very easy to use by anyone.


  • The two piece make is somewhat not fit properly at times and this might be troublesome while fishing.
  • If the fitting is not proper there are chances that in case of heavyweight fishes, the stick might just snap from the middle which is obviously undesirable.

Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods

This rod is made of glass fiber and also has features such as a stainless steel reel seat, which makes it a pretty durable rod. The 12 feet length and 1 to 5-ounce lure weight makes it possible to catch heavy as well as light fishes at ease. Talking about the EVA foam and rubber butt cap, it makes fishing a pleasurable activity.


  • The length of the rod is the main thing that makes it so suitable for the purpose and it has been used for fishing in the deeper areas effectively.
  • The ceramic guide inserts are also another feature that allures buyers to it.
  • suitable for large scale and tricky fishing practices.
  • The EVA foam and rubber butt cap make the whole process of fishing with this spinning rod a pleasurable and a good experience altogether.


  • The glass fiber construction is good in one way but it makes the device somewhat delicate for the purpose as well.
  • This rod is somewhat heavy and does not always have such ease of access and use as a result.

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

This spinning rod contains the useful 2 piece construction which makes it useful and efficient for the purpose of fishing. Another alluring feature of this spinning rod is the graphite blank make, reel steel made of graphite as well as the stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts.

This spinning rod has been proved to be one of the top favorites of many fishermen due to its ample benefits and its ease of use. This rod is available at a very affordable price as well.


  • This rod balances the graphite as well as the glass make perfectly and puts both the materials to use judiciously.
  • The 11 feet rod is extremely light and suitable for the purpose for fishing even in the moving waters.
  • Another attractive feature is the quality of the line guides provided; it is just of the right size and balances perfectly.
  • The 2 piece composition balances the materials just right for the spinning rod.


  • If you are unlucky, the line guides might split up at some point to time, causing trouble.
  • Unfortunately, there is no guide at the bottom half of the rod which makes it really delicate for the purpose and you need to handle it with great care.
  • The rubber grip isn’t so nice for the spinning rod.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

This is another one of our favorite spinning rods available in the markets today. This spinning rod is suitable for small or medium-sized fishes in general. Furthermore, it is suitable for medium action.

The rod is very sensitive to even the slightest bite and can help fish effectively. It portrays a strong built and can withstand heavy load. Let us delve into some of the pros and cons of this spinning rod.


  • The 6 inches spinning rod gives a great experience even in fishing the smallest fishes present in the water.
  • Strong and sensitive and can feel even the smallest bite effectively.
  • This rod is inexpensive with huge benefits altogether
  • Suitable for kayak riving fishing as well.


  • The 2 piece construction of this spinning rod might not be suitable for all. Especially in case of river fishing, this might hinder the process and if not taken care of properly the spinning rod might even break off while fishing in fast moving rivers.
  • This is not suitable for fishing heavy and large sized fishes and can only handle small and light weighed ones.


There is a lot to know and consider about spinning rods and thus, you must make sure that you keep each one of those points in mind while choosing a spinning rod for yourself. You can go through the prerequisites mentioned earlier in this article for your preparation.

Spinning rod if taken care of properly will last for a very long time. Take a good amount of care and follow the rules to make your spinning rod last long. So get one of the five spinning rods for you today. Make use of this guide for the same.

There are more than just these 5 products available in the market today so go through them as well if you wish to and then make your choice once and for all. Happy Fishing to you!

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