Best Jig Rods For That Perfect Fishing Adventure

Riley Peterson

Whenever you go fishing here is just a single method for making your experience worthwhile and memorable: by utilizing the best jig rods. This basically implies the rod you use will go a long way to measure your entire experience if it will be fruitful or not.

Before setting out on any action, get your work done well and the best jig rods you will utilize. This will likewise be determined by the kind of fishing you are going for and also the fish to get since they don’t all require a similar sort of rod.

There are the jig rods that are fundamentally utilized as a part of business boats. They are produced using solid materials to empower them to hold substantial baits and huge lures and also make them versatile to the sea streams that continue evolving.

For substantial catches around 180 to 200 feet under the sea’s surface, the jigging rods are the best. Being made of fine, strong material they are huge and can catch fishes even in moving streams. Inconsistent undersea flow often disturbs the fly line and the bait. So to evade disarray the jig rod’s fly lines are made long and substantial. Such rods are most appropriate for cods that typically abide at the base of the ocean.

What is Jigging?

What is Jigging

Jigging is a type of fishing that requires tolerance and practice, and works preferred for a few fishermen over others. This type of fishing is totally controlled by the fisher, as each rod tip movement makes an interesting style of jigging under the surface. This is one of the primary reasons jigging is so mainstream among fishers.

As a rule, jigging is a quick activity type of fishing. Most fishers report nibbles on the underlying drop of the jig. It’s vital to painstakingly concentrate your line as you drop the jig down. The underlying hit may not be so natural to distinguish.

All fishermen work on jigging to some degree since it is viewed as a depthless method of fishing. Fishermen can angle with jigs at any depth. However after a specific depth limit, normally 100 or so feet, the regular term is profound jigging in light of the fact that it requires a huge amount of quality.

Difference Between A Spin Rod And A Jig Rod

Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Jig Spinning RodSpinning and jigging are distinctive styles of fishing. Jigging uses substantial metal jigs that you drop straight down and works vertically under the boat, over a reef. A jigging rod is often short and intended to work line classes and draw weights that are moderately heavy but most are not good for throwing baits.


Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod

Spinning rods on the other hand are for what you’d expect in spite of the fact that the portrayal goes somewhat more extensive. They’re rods suitable for fishing including turning with baits however truly can be utilized to portray most types of fishing including throwing, where the rod is coordinated to a turning style reel.



How To Crappie Fish With The Best Jig Rods

Crappie fishing can be baffling and unproductive unless you know how to fish with the correct baits. Utilizing live lures is typically the most ideal approach to fish for Crappies however jigs can likewise be extremely effective. Spring crappie are light biters, they will ordinarily bite light. You should have the capacity to feel the bite to be able to make a catch. Use lighter line; the reel can be an ultra light spinning reel or open face bait cast reel.

Jigs with minnows can be extremely powerful when fishing for Crappies since that is their most loved food. Start by dropping jigs around cover, structure, and along edges of weed lines. Additionally, you can back off the vessel and let lip snared minnows move around a fishing spot to lure hesitant crappie into biting.

You can use many rods to cover the water. One rod could have a little spinner snare, one could have a pinkie jig, with a minnow or without, and another post could have a jig and buoy mix. Other Crappie fishing jigs you can use can be marabou and hair jigs in baitfish designs. When you are fishing for crappie with jigs, use a circle bunch to tie it on. The jig will move freely when throwing.

In sloppy water, use jigs that have dim and light designs on them. Some of the time you may need to attempt various colors to tempt finicky Crappie to bite. If t you are not effective in the dinky water zones, search for narrows that might be calm and not a considerable measure of water development. The water might be a little clearer, however, shallow so search for the more profound territories to fish.

Having learnt how to fish crappies with a jig rod, Let us compare three of the best jig rod available.

How To Crappie Fish With The Best Jig Rod

Top 3 Best Jig Rods Reviews On The Market

Below, you’ll find our more detailed reviews.

1. Okuma Cedros Jig Casting Rod

Okuma Cedros Jig Casting Rod

Featuring a ribbed EVA for grip for total comfort, Okuma Cedros Jig Casting Rod is the most ideal for the big species. With lightweight split grasps all through, it is incredible for setting up a heavy spin to reel in your catch. The Okuma Cedros Jig Rod’s E-glass banks serve as a shock absorber. There is no surrendering the power with this lightweight Cedros bar. With finishing comes the power with the Okuma jig rod.


  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.


  • Weight.

2. Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Jig Spinning Rod

Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Jig Spinning Rod

This jig rod is made of fitting graphite composite. It includes stainless steel direct casings with earthenware insert for more strength. The 1-piece graphite-glass fiber composite, offers unimaginable pulling power the handle is made of high thickness EVA for super affectability and strength making it an outstanding among the toughest rods today. With a year guarantee, Fiblink Saltwater 1-Piece Jigging Jig spinning Rod is outlined for vertical jigging; sufficiently versatile for different strategies.


  • Strong.
  • Light weight.
  • Durable.


  • None.

3. Shakespeare One-Piece Heavy Action Ugly Stik Tiger Lite Jigging Rod

Shakespeare One-Piece Heavy Action Ugly Stik Tiger Lite Jigging Rod

This heavy action Stik Tiger rod is an adaptable rod that can be utilized across board. They are suitable for getting fish in the Pacific and also landing beast catfish down south. The popular Ugly Stik development gives this rod favorable position for battling trophy-sized fish.

Featuring Howald Process Triple Built clear plan with included graphite for lighter weight, expanded affectability, and better-pulling power.


  • Strong.
  • Easy to hold


  • None.

Our Top pick for Best Jig Rods

Our top choice is the Okuma Cedros Jig Casting Rod because of its extremely delicate blank, pleasant and touchy handle material, a general lightweight plan, and a minimized bundle.


Ideally, with these tips, you can choose the best jig rods and put more fish in the vessel this season. I trust that quality hardware can have a major effect on achievement; in any case, you don’t need to use up every last cent to get the rod you require.

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