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best fly fishing reels

There is a good news for the anglers as the summer is round the corner, best fly fishing reels are now available in affordable prices. For maximum catch, effortless angling and to fish all day long, flying reel is an important equipment and gear. These mechanical little gears are essential as they help anglers hold, release and retrieve the line. Basically, with the help of these reels the retrieval part becomes easy and convenient.

There are various types of flying reels in the market with some being extremely expensive but not productive enough. This guide is to help you pick the top fly fishing reels for the money that fit your need and fall within budget. The experienced anglers mostly know the kind of reels that suits their requirement but for the first timers, it is difficult to select wisely.

Flying Reel working Mechanism

Best fly sishing reels

Most of the flying fish reels have some common features that help in retrieving the line and maximize catch. There is a risk that a fish is going to tear the entire line out of the spool when fishing, but the handle on the reel that is attached to the spool stops the fish from doing that. These systems allow anglers to operate a fly fish.

  • Single Action Reel – It is popular and mostly used mechanism for operating the fly fish reel because it is easy to operate. With each turn of the handle, the spool turns on and sees a complete turn. These are mainly used for fishing in rivers, streams, lakes and other bodies of water.
  • Multiplying Retrieval System – In the multiple retrieval systems, picking up the line is easy. As an individual turning the fly reel handle once is equivalent to two or three turns on the spool. This helps in quick lining and is best suitable for saltwater or lake fishing.
  • Automatic Reel – In this type of reel mechanism, changing the spool is little tricky and the reel can retrieve the line even without turning the spool. When the reel is being used, the trigger in reel zips back the fly line. It is great for fishing in saltwater or freshwater bodies.

Types Of Fly Fishing Reels

best fly fishing reels

Fly fishing reels are built in three types of reels. The arbor size varies for setting the line and for picking up the line. Hence, the fly fishing reels are divided into three major types:

  • Standard Arbor – The efficiency and time taken to pick up the line using such arbor is not very quick and need some reloading. The standard reels are generally light in weight and better for beginners. They are traditional type of fishing reel and not of much use.
  • Medium Arbor – They fall somewhere between standard and large arbor reel and gives good line picking. It is the safest option to invest in for most of the fishermen.
  • Large Arbor – It allows lining reel at faster rate and quickly with one major downside of adding weight to the reel. The aluminum arbor gives great lining.

Top 4 Best Fly Fishing Reels On The Market 2018

Below we have provided top 4 fly fishing reels that can provide you the best experience while fly fishing.

1. Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel With CNC Machined Aluminium Alloy Body

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel With CNC Machined Aluminium Alloy Body

The fly fishing reel from Piscifun is designed using CNC machined aluminum alloy and boast high quality performance. It is a mid-arbor design fishing reel that minimizes line memory and ensures quick and instant line pick up. The fishing feels with its stainless steel drag and multi-cork disc has smooth retrieval. The aluminum alloy used to make the Piscifun Sword is efficiently treated and tempered, imparting corrosion-resistant properties to it.

It is resistant to abrasion due to the hard anodizing treatment. It is easy to change the retrieve and is great for catching wide range of freshwater and saltwater fishes. This reel is easy to maintain and all it needs is rinsing in fresh water post using it in saltwater for longer life.


  • Mid arbor designallows easy retrieval.
  • Stainless-steel drag system along with one way clutch.
  • CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy material
  • Aluminum alloy body.


  • Drag adjustment is slightly difficult.
  • More comfortable for left handed retrieval as compared to right hand.

2. ​Piscifun Aoka Aluminium Fly Fishing Reel With Cork Disc Drag System

Piscifun Aoka Aluminium Fly Fishing Reel With Cork Disc Drag System

The fly fishing reels from Piscifun Aoka is exquisitely designed with aluminum body and integrated with cork disc drag system. They are excellent value for money fish reels and have mid-arbor design that minimizes line memory and aids in quick, instant pick up. The Teflon drag system ensures smooth drag with help of click drag and ensures silent retrieval. The frame of the reel is strong, full machined and has to die cast spool. It has stylish appearance with oversize handle.


  • Fully machined frame along with oversized handle and die-cast spool.
  • Includes cork or Teflon drag system.
  • Mid arbor design.
  • Click drag and silent retrieve.
  • Secure spool release button.


  • Perfect for left hand retrievel
  • Complicated drag adjustment

3. Piscifun Blaze Fly Fishing Reel With CNC-Machined Aluminum Alloy Body

Piscifun Blaze Fly Fishing Reel With CNC-Machined Aluminum Alloy Body

The stylish and exquisite fly fishing reel is precise CNC machined made of aluminum alloy. The frame is sturdy, strong, lightweight and dismantling are easy. It is a mid-arbor design that helps in precision casting and enables quick picking up of line. The flying fish reel boasts of zero deviation without side play and has tight tolerances.

It has ergonomic reel handle for comfortable movement and has 0.04 inch interspace. With its aluminum frame and hard-anodized surface it is corrosion resistant. The stainless steel drag ensures smooth drag with click drag design and this ensures a silent but smooth retrieve.


  • CNC machined aluminum alloy.
  • Mid arbor design.
  • Multi-disc cork with stainless steel drag
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum frame
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Easily changeable from left to right hand retrieve


  • Designed for left hand retrieval and conversion needed for making it right handed.

4. Fiblink Large Arbor 2 + 1 BB Fly Fishing Reels – Best Saltwater Fly Fishing Reel

Fiblink® Fly Fishing Reels

The Fiblink fly fishing reel is strong, durable and integrated with sturdy frame with the help of CNC machined body made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum used in its construction is of premium grade making it resistant to corrosion and is constructed with cold forge. It has fiber composite drag system that gives flexibility to stretch the system to dedicated limit.

The aluminum construction makes it lightweight and gives a great strength to weight ratio. It is a high arbor design that vouches for higher line retrievals along with less stacking of line. Bearing one way can make changing from left to right simple.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • CNC machined premium quality aluminum.
  • Both hand retrievel.
  • Advanced fiber composite drag system.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • High-arbor design


  • Changing from left to right-hand retrieval is slightly tricky.
  • Need to be careful with the fly line while setting the flying reel.


While purchasing the flying fish reel it is important to consider many aspects like its drag system, Smoothness in retrieval and mechanism used in fishing. Also, look if your fly fishing rod have ability to attach it. The market has many flying fish reels and for experienced anglers it is not a difficult task to choose the right reel.

Experts carefully prepared this guide to help novice and beginners. So that they pick the best fly fishing reels for the money with high end quality and excellent performance. Budget and right investment is very important and this guide has listed pros and cons with review to help you make the right decision.

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