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Best Flipping Rods

Flipping, pitching and some other techniques are very useful when you go bass fishing. Best flipping rods are a key equipment. Picking the right flipping rod can be overwhelming sometimes. How to choose the best flipping rod?

What should you look for in these rods? We will provide you with a detailed review of the best flipping rods. Then, find 3 best after researching what is essential in a good flipping rod. We will also give you a quick guide on how to pick a good flipping rod. Picking the right flipping rod was never so easy.

How To Pick The Best Flipping Rods?

How to Pick up Best Flipping Rods

  • Length: If you are new at these techniques, you want to look into rods which are about 7 feet in length. You can master your angling and basics with a rod of that length. This is for a person who is of average build, go for longer length rods if you are aiming for big giants or if you have a big build.
  • Back: The backbone should be stiff so that you can efficiently fish for bass. It will stay firm and not give bass any opportunity for the fish to get away.
  • Tip: The rod needs to have a flexible tip which can help you in making the bait look natural. It will even affect your accuracy and improve your possibility.
  • Handle: Try to do away with a cork as it makes the grip very slippery. Most of the rods now come with a split grip made up of foam or synthetic materials.

Tips For Flipping:

Here are some tips to help you try flipping.

  • Flipping is a popular option in summer. Beware of not casting your shadow in water when you are casting. A quick tip to do this is by facing the sun to minimize shadow. This will not alert the fish and help you.
  • Always pay attention to the direction of the wind when you are fishing. When it is stormy with heavy wind, bass swim in the direction of the wind.
  • Use different types of baits as well. Expert bass fishermen have said that it is good to spray garlic or strong scents to attract the bait.Use bright colors for your bait in flipping as fishes are more attracted to rich hues.
  • Flipping is not easy in clear water when the bottom of the lake is clear.

Top 3 Best Flipping Rods Reviews On The Market

We have provided the best flipping rods for you to pick from. We have considered the material used to build the rod, reel seats and grips in the rods. These three picks are from the top brands which make some of the best fishing gear.

1. Lew’s Fishing American Hero Speed Stick Flipping Rod

Lew's Fishing American Hero Speed Stick Flipping Rod

Lew’s Flipping rod is a heavy 7.6 inch one that is made up of graphite blanks using a premium grade of graphite IM6. Perfect for sensitive fishing!


  • Users use a heavy 7.6-inch flipping rod, made up of graphite blanks using a premium grade of graphite IM6.
  • Stainless steel is used to make the guide frames.
  • Graphite, which is ultra light weight, is used to make reel seats. This makes the hand and real very stable and provides great comfort.
  • Graphite’s multi-directional and multi-layered design provides structural strength. This brand, Lew’s, dedicates a part of its sales to carefully selected veteran’s programs in the country.
  • This flipping rod uses the patented hook keeper “no foul”.
  • It is a popular choice among people who want flipping rod on a budget. Also among those who want a rod for lighter bait casting reel.
  • It is a sensitive flipping rod which is also strong. It is a great rod which comes at an affordable price.


  • This is a fast action rod, if you are looking for a flipping rod with slower action, you might want to pick a rod with easy action.

2. Daiwa ZIL761HFB Zillion Rod B-Cast Trigger Flipping Rod

Daiwa ZIL761HFB Zillion Rod B-Cast Trigger Flipping Rod

Daiwa ZIL761HFB is a premium quality rod boasting the SVF technology and is suitable for fast action fishing.


  • Daiwa makes premium fishing rods with their exclusive graphite technology SVF (super volume fiber). This wraps graphite in one direction with strong resin and foam for control and strength.
  • It is designed for blank pitch with micro pitch.
  • It uses a great EVA foam grip which has a split design and good hook keeper.
  • The reel seat has carbon for easy daily use. It is made up of aluminum for a convenient clamp nut in-out state of the art machines.
  • The graphite fiber is used to construct x45 strength and flexibility. It also has a virtually zero twist on its blank.
  • This flipping rod is a fast action rod. It has a line weight of 12-25 lb and has a good lure weight.
  • It uses a zillion flip A and handle grip of 1/5 to 1/4th inch.
  • New Concept SiC is used to make Fuji guides, designed for precise flipping action.


  • It is a relatively new rod so we don’t have many long time users and how they rate this flipping rod yet. It may not be good pick for slow action rod users.

3. Eagle Claw Skeet Reese Victory Pro Carbon Flipping/Pitching Casting Rod


3. Eagle Claw Skeet Reese Victory Pro Carbon Pitching Casting Rod

The Eagle claw casting Rod, known for its effective flipping and casting, is best known for its high tensile property and strong carbon build. The pros are on the heavier side when compared to cons. Let us see how.


  • Skeet Reese, 7 times B.A.S.S. champion with great bass fishing expertise. Eagle Claw has collaborated with the star fisherman to make the best rods suited for each technique.
  • Carbon materials are used in the ratio of 40:36 for making the highest quality fishing rods.
  • It has a fighting butt customized to suit your needs.
  • It has a high tensile strength that binds extremely by up to 78 percent.
  • This flipping rod specifically designed at 8 inches and has a lure weight of 3/8 to 2 ounce.
  • It has a line weight of 15 to 30 pound, fast action designed for casting.


  • It is an expensive flipping rod so look into your budget before going for this rod.


Did you find all the information you wanted about flipping? We have thoroughly researched to find the best information for you about flipping. Flipping and pitching have been a popular choice among fishermen to catch bass that are big in size for years now.

Flipping is a good choice if you are in a patch where there are many large fishes. The rod is held vertically and the reel is cast on the bottom letting the bait hang right above the reel. With the right methods and gears, your experience trying to catch a large bass is going to be easy.

Our picks for the best flipping rods and review of these will make your choice easy. Read our tips about various other factors that will enhance your chances with flipping. Along with the right rod, weather, color of the bait and shape of the lure also play a key role.

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